Long stretched lakes, what-Au striae save
In Aus-terrain up there, that Aust-rain fills,
Spill Steiermarkedly big wave
Right over windowsills.
It really sucks that every time
This happens, further down the line,
Bad shit for the Slo-lands, Slo-lands,
This water that goes down hills.

Unless you live on hills - and biguns,
Expect bills, the huge insurance bills,
Put on wellies, your cardigans,
Meanwhile...it's empty tills.
Silting, no ploughman these days likes,
Farmers buy jetskis, sell quad bikes -
Who'll protect the Slo-lands, Slo-lands,
From water that goes down hills?

Paperwork soggy, start again,
But the bills, the compensation bills,
Have made a class of middle men
Betwixt you and the bills.
Bean counters cannot reckon twice
What cash you'll get - better make nice,
As they value the Slo-lands, Slo-lands,
When Slo-land's at a standstill.

Such flotsam from Austrian lagoons!
Schools washed up: Freud, praxeology,
HR-Hungary Hypo-pontoon-pox
Swims Limpopo of wee;
Technologies (see video*)
Stop bits and blobs, not H2O,
Balloons no, harpoons yes, for the Slo-lands
Balloons are the worst - believe me.

Based on The Floods, by Rudyard Kipling, best known for his work with Disney

Circumstantial evidence that girls caused this flood

*Oktoberfest pollution aftermath continues

The first and not quite so good version of this poem was lost in The Great Deletion of Miro I

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